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    Team adidas for the win!

    10 August 2020

    It’s summer and that means the padel season is in full swing. Both at national and international level, the competition calendar is well filled and we will have known it!


    This weekend played the 2nd tournament of the ‘Belgian Padel Tour’ in Bayards (Liège). In the men’s competition (P1000), adidas ambassador Nick Braet was present together with his regular partner Jeremy Gala. The duo advanced to the final after an exciting semi-final, where they won convincingly. So two for two for Nick and Jeremy in the Belgian Padel Tour, because the tournament in Arenal Mechelen (July 2020) is also on their record.

    The women (P500) are also doing well in the Belgian Padel Tour. adidas ambassador Laura Bernard played the final yesterday together with Marie Maligo and won it. Because this duo also won the 1st tournament of the Padel Tour in Mechelen, they can add a 2 out of 2 to their name. On to the next tournament in October! The 3rd round of the Belgian Padel Tour will take place at Padel 4U2 in Gentbrugge.


    The World Padel Tour, subject to corona measures, continues as normal this summer. Last weekend, the final rounds of the WPT were played in Madrid. And even without an audience, it was all spectacle!

    In both the men’s and women’s finals, there were adidas players in the final. On the women’s side, Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzalez tried to dominate the final, but after an exciting battle, they had to acknowledge their superiors to sisters Sanchez-Alayeto. The twins won 6-4 / 4-6 / 4-6.

    On the men’s side, it was an exciting battle with Ale Galan and Juan Lebron on one side and Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello on the other. The duo Galan – Lebron finished it off in the 3rd set and went home with the win (6-7 / 6-1 / 6-4). The level that the 4 players topped will have loosened up a lot of living rooms. We now look forward to the first tournament to be played with an audience: the World Padel Tour in Valencia in early September.

    Thank you to all the players who battled again last weekend. Win or lose, it can only make us stronger!

    Good luck everyone during your next tournaments! And remember: we are all BORN TO WIN !

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