• Adidas Padel Courts

    The padel courts designed by All for Padel combine the aesthetic, the functional and the durable in a perfect way. The padel courts are designed with very slim profiles to create an optimal feeling of space for the players and maximum viewing pleasure for the supporters. The durable anti-rust treatment of all metal parts guarantee a beautiful padel court.

    For the playing field, we developed a completely flat permeable surface and artificial grass that has proven its durability over many years. The stability of our padel courts is calculated to endure the most extreme weather conditions. Our padel courts comply with all International Padel Federation standards and national standards.

    The All for Padel padel courts are built by local companies with many years of experience. In Belgium and Luxembourg by RedSport Padel Belgium and in the Netherlands by Padelbouw BV. More info and contact details can be found on their website:

    For Belgium and en Luxemburg: www.redsportpadel.be

    For the Netherlands: www.padelbouw.nl

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