• Adidas padel collection 2024

    Ready for padel

    Whatever your level and playing skills, for every player there is an adidas racket that suits your style and brings out the best in you! Explore the rackets and push your limits on every level!

    adidas padel collectie 2024
    all for padel, adidas padel gift guide

    adidas padel giftguide

    Still looking for a gift?

    The holiday season is coming and with it the search for the perfect gift. Luckily, All for Padel offers a wide range of padel accessories, rackets and backpacks that are ideal to surprise your friends and family with. Whether you are looking for a gift under 15 euros or want to give a more luxurious gift, here are some suggestions from our range for every budget.

    Adidas pickleball collection

    Ready for pickleball

    After padel got its name as the fastest-growing sport in decades, it is now the turn of pickleball to make its rise in Belgium. Discover all adidas pickleball rackets here.

    adidas pickleball
    Welk racket past best bij jou?

    which racket suits you?

    Choosing a padel racket is not easy. Does the shape of your racket affect how you play? Are you an attacking player? We are ready to help! 

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