• we score (1080 x 1920 px) (1920 x 1080 px)



    WeScore is a digital scoreboard designed for and by padel players. The scoreboard can register games up to 2 or 3 sets, and terms like Golden Point and Advantage are also adjustable.

    The scoreboard weighs only 1.5kg and measures 30x35cm. So easy to assemble!

    Hold your racket in front of your team’s sensor and the scoreboard does the rest. Easy peasy as it is!

    For who?

    WeScore was developed primarily to enhance the playing experience among padellers. Discussions about scoring are a thing of the past for all who use the scoreboard!

    Both recreational and competitive players use WeScore to record the score during a game of padel.


    The scoreboard is also used intensively during tournaments. Let players register their own scores using the sensors OR choose the referee module.

    With a compact and wireless remote control, a referee or spectator controls the scoreboard.

    Wish you had more info? Feel free to take a look at WeScore Padel:

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