Since early 2021, the ‘Padel Kiosk’ concept has also been a part of allforpadel.be. A Padel Kiosk is a vending machine in which we rent out rackets and sell padel balls and accessories at clubs. This way, the club itself does not need to rent rackets, but everything is automated, 24h/24h.


    Our Kiosk is available in 2 models: a Padel Kiosk (= 1 machine) or a Combi Kiosk (= 1 padel machine + 1 drinks machine). In both cases, the club can choose to purchase a Kiosk OR take it in Full Service.


    Full Service literally means that we provide full service. Our technician installs the Kiosk at no extra cost. We fill it with rackets, balls and accessories and do the full follow-up, including customer service management. So no calls to the club owner about failed transactions or problems with rackets, we take care of all those questions.


    Doesn’t the club have to pay anything at all? No, apart from providing internet and electricity, there are no costs involved for the club. On the contrary, the club receives a quarterly commission of 20% on all rentals and sales from the Kiosk.


    Does the club want to be responsible for the rental of rackets? Then the Padel Kiosk can be purchased so that the club manager does all the monitoring.

    There are currently some 50 kiosks in Flanders. Please feel free to visit one of the clubs below to test a Padel Kiosk or Combi Kiosk.

    More info? Click here.




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