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    The padel courts designed by adidas All For Padel are both durable and functional. Moreover, the adidas details add extra appeal to your club. The courts are designed with very slim profiles to create an optimal feeling of space for the player as well as the spectator. Curious to find out more?

    Padel Kiosk

    In our Padel Kiosk, you can rent rackets as well as buy balls, grips and even food and drinks. Wondering how our Kiosk works and what formulas we offer?


    WeScore is a digital scoreboard designed for and by padel players. The scoreboard can record games up to 2 or 3 sets, and terms like Golden Point and Advantage are also adjustable. Made a point? Simply hold your racket in front of your team’s sensor and the scoreboard does the rest. Counting points has never been easier!

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