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    How to choose a padel racket: we guide you through it.

    20 February 2023

    Choosing a padel racket is not easy, especially given the large selection of rackets online, in your store and at your club. Together we will look for the best purchase for you!

    Which racket is right for me? Does the price determine how strong my racket is? Should a woman play with a different racket than a man? Does the shape of my racket affect how I play? Every beginning padeller struggles with the same questions. Questions to which, unfortunately, there is no one-sided answer. Below we outline step-by-step the basis on which to choose a racket and what to consider in the selection process.

    Which racket you buy depends 100% on how often you play and what your ambition is. Are you just starting to play padel? Then it is very important to buy a flexible racket. Have you been playing competition padel for years? Then you better turn to the category with “rigid” rackets. Sounds logical, but how do I choose a racket based on that?

    Guidelines how to buy a padel racket:

    For the beginning padeller comfort is most important and so we look for a racket made of fiberglass in combination with a SOFT Performance mousse. Pay attention to the shape of the racket and especially the position of the sweet spot. With our rackets the sweet spot is always shown on the racket itself. As a beginning player you should choose a sweet spot in the center of the racket, as this will offer you the most comfort.

    Rackets for beginners

    The padeller who plays about 2-3x a week should look for a racket that specifically suits his/her playing style. Pay particular attention to the difference between “offensive” and “defensive” rackets. This can be seen in the shape of the racket (rather round = control, rather angular = attack) and the location of the sweet spot. Do you have a tennis history and love to smash? Then you will like an attacking racket. An all-round player will always be fine with a defensive/controlling racket. And for ladies, a Light version is often provided. Which does not exclude ladies from playing with an attacking racket!

    Offensive rackets

    Control rackets

    If you play competition, you need a technical racket. Advanced players know exactly whether they prefer offensive or control rackets. What is important here is that the rackets are made of a stiff material so that they deliver more power when hitting the ball. A beginner player is mainly looking for control, while the advanced player kicks on power.

    Rackets for advanced players

    Regardless of the level of the player and the technical characteristics of the racquet, it is incredibly important that a racquet feels comfortable. Do you feel like you are not hitting the ball properly at every ball contact? Then you are probably playing with a racket that does not quite meet your needs (or you better take some more lessons :) )

    When buying a racket, always get advice from someone with technical knowledge. As a beginner there is no point in playing with an attacking racket if you don’t know how to smash. So learn to step before you walk. Throughout your (recreational) padel career you will regularly change your racket as you get better at the sport and need another racket.

    Have you still not figured out which racket is best for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info. Woud you like to test some rackets before buying? Please visit one of our testing days or ask advice at your local sport store!

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