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    New in 2023: adipower Multiweight rackets

    2 January 2023


    The ‘Weight & Balance’ system, a technology that allows you to add or remove weights at various places in the frame of your racket. This way, you make your racket lighter or heavier, according to your own needs as a player!

    The adipower Multiweight rackets are suitable for trained to advanced players. The rackets are composed of an 18K carbon structure with a hard ‘HIGH MEMORY’ mousse. The advantage of combining these two hard materials is that you increase the stiffness of your racket a lot. The stiffer/harder your racket, the more power you can generate with it. So keep those power shots coming! :)

    The adipower Multiweight’s frame is reinforced with a double exoskeleton. Adding such an external structure ensures maximum shock absorption at every ball contact.

    Tip: the more your racket is externally reinforced, the more shock absorption and thus the less impact on your body!

    The racquet features a brand new version of the ‘Weight & Balance’ system.

    The Weight & Balance system was first used in the Metalbone series in 2022. Also in 2023, there are weights incorporated into the Metalbone 3.2, Metalbone HRD 3.2Metalbone CTRL 3.2.

    To incorporate this Weight & Balance technology into the adipower range, we took a completely different approach. Below, we take a closer look at this innovative system and the possibilities it offers you on the field.

    How does the Weight & Balance system work?

    The new Mulitweight rackets are constructed like any other adipower racket. Namely: a reinforced carbon frame, with a high-density mousse (= extra resilience) inside. Unlike ‘regular’ rackets, the Multiweights have 3 notches in the frame. Two of these are on the sides of the racket frame (left & right) and the third on the top.

    Each of the sides has room for 5 weights, while the top of the racket has room for 3 weights. When purchasing a Multiweight racket, the racket comes standard with 7 movable weights of 1.3g each and 6 covers that you use to fill the remaining ’empty’ holes in your frame. These covers are not meant to add extra weight, they simply prevent water or dust from getting into your racket.

    How do you shift the Sweet Spot?

    On the left and right sides of the racket, you can add 2 weights each. One at the top of the notch, and one at the bottom in the same notch. At the top of the racket there is room to add 3 weights. Where you add the weights and how you add them will influence the position of your sweet spot and the manoeuvrability of your racket.

    With 13 separate elements (read: 7 weights + 6 covers), you can configure your racket in a lot of different ways. Time to look at this in detail:

    • Attacking style of play: do you want to give your racket an attacking character? Then it is important to place the weights as far away from your hand as possible. The further the centre of gravity is away from your handle, the more you pull up the centre of gravity of your racket. And that does give you an advantage when you top a smash or other power shot. The more weight concentrated in the ‘head’ of your racket, the more powerfully you can play the ball.

    Focus on power? Then place 3 weights at the top and fill the top 2 holes left and right with a 1.3g screw. With the grey covers, devise the remaining cavities.

    • Controlling style of play: looking for control in every shot? Put the centre of gravity of your racket as low as possible and increase your sweet spot. Because: the closer the centre of gravity is to your hand, the bigger it becomes and the more control you experience in every shot.

    Focus on control? Complete the 3 upper cavities with a grey cover so you already eliminate the weight at the top of your racket. Place the 7 weights as close to your hand as possible. Read: in the lower cavities on the left and right side of your racket.

    Reduce weight?

    Above was explained how to change the balance of your racquet, but don’t forget that the 7 screws have another function too! By adding or removing 7 x 1.3g, you also experiment with the weight of your racket. Not unimportant if you often play padel.

    Do you decide to remove all the weights from the racket? Then you remove 7 x 1.3g = 9.1g and your racket suddenly becomes a light version of the Multiweight.

    Tip: an adipower Multiweight racket weighs 345-360g as standard (without weights). If you add 7 x 1.3g, the racket weighs between 355 and 370g, which is the standard weight for a padel racket.

    Because you can add and remove weight yourself, this racket has a wide target group. Not only advanced players can handle this racket, also experienced players can master it.

    Do you prefer pure power rackets but still want to stay in the ‘light’ category? Then you can simply remove the weights and your racket immediately gains in manoeuvrability. Extremely suitable for women and men with a preference for light rackets OR players prone to injuries.

    Still unsure about these new rackets or want to try them out? Come to one of our testevents in 2023 and feel the difference yourself!

    adidas padel racket - adipower Multiweight 3.2
    adidas padel racket - adipower Multiweight 3.2
    adidas padel racket - adipower Multiweight 3.2
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