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    Mild symptoms of Corona boredom?

    26 March 2020

    Since the coronavirus is currently the only topic of conversation worldwide, we’d like to give you some advice on how to make corona-isolation more bearable. The chances of ending up in a state of monotony and boredom these days are pretty big, but like everything else, it depends on you! So stay busy and challenge yourself so this temporary (new) lifestyle becomes an automatism!

    Below are some tips that we hope will help you turn your corona isolation into something positive:


    All day in your pyjamas? No! A pyjama is a garment that, although comfortable, should only be used for sleeping. So get up and change clothes immediately. Walking, cycling and running are the only 3 sports that can currently be practiced according to government guidelines. Okay, it’s not padel, but these sports help to improve your condition. Time to push your limits and prepare optimally for the summer!


    Following the news regularly is good, but don’t exaggerate. The University of Antwerp surveyed some 350,000 Belgians on 24/3/20 to gauge the impact of corona measures on our daily lives. This shows that about 42% of the participants do not feel at their best in terms of mental well-being. Time to do something about this. The corona virus dominates our lives in a negative way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do fun activities!


    Undoubtedly everyone has a ‘to do’ list with all kinds of chores that have to be done once in a while… No need to postpone it, this period is ideal to keep your house in peak condition and spring-clean!


    Imagination has no limits, not even when it comes to padel. That’s why you should think of a nice ‘challenge’ with which you can challenge your friends to do padel tricks. You probably already saw lots of padel challenges on social media, but an extra challenge never hurts :)


    You miss the weekly padel dates and are looking forward to train again? That’s possible at home, even when there’s no padel partner around. All you need is a wall, your racket and a ball. Practice on your backhand, forehand, or any segment you want to improve. Film yourself, share the video with friends, ask them what mistakes they see and especially how you can correct them.

    Need extra exercises to improve your technique? Ask us via social media or by sending an email to info@allforpadel.be. Provide us with a video of yourself, including a specific question about a mistake you often make. Our adidas ambassadors will be happy to provide you with additional exercises.

    Hopefully this will motivate everyone again to be active and keep moving! Still need a push? Follow us on Instagram for more exercises and inspiration.

    We like to round up with the well-known adidas motto ‘BORN TO WIN‘. Because together we will conquer this virus!


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