29 May 2019

    While the amount of padel clubs and players grows day by day in Belgium, Herwebo (AFP courts distributor) and Trema Sport (AFP distributor) joined forces and opened a brand new adidas padel distribution center in Zele. Ale Galan, currently nr. 7 of the world, was present at the inauguration on May 4 and 5 to meet his biggest padel fans, visit clubs and padel schools nearby, play exhibition tournaments and have a taste of the Belgian culture.

    With one of the biggest and rising stars of the World Padel Tour today, it was a big honor to welcome Ale Galan in Belgium. Posters and rackets were signed, hundreds of pictures were taken. On Saturday, Ale made a visit to the historical center of Ghent and afterwards he had a meet & greet with the juniors of Padel 4U2 Gent. In the evening he played an exhibition match at the adidas padel Belgium headquarters. On Sunday he visited the biggest Belgian club in Antwerp: Ter Eiken for an exhibition match with local top players. Finally, after another exhibition match in Zele, Ale returned to Madrid to prepare for the next important WPT in Vigo. A short visit with big impact for the growing Belgian padel market!

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