You may return an item, for any reason, from the online store within 30 days of delivery.


    Conditions for making a return:

    These are the following conditions for accepting returns:

    • the product is in its original packaging and has not been unsealed nor used.
    • the original tags have not been removed.


    Additionally, for rackets:

    • the grip has not been removed.
    • it has not been used (volleying leaves scuffs and marks that make resale impossible).
    • it has not been modified by adding accessories such as overgrips or protectors.


    The refund amount will be equal to the value of the returned products and may or may not include the initial shipping cost based on:

    • If the product is damaged, defective, or if it is the incorrect item, we are responsible for return costs.
    • In the case of a voluntary return, you are responsible for return costs.


    Return shipping costs will be paid by the customer except in the case of blemish or defect.


    Damaged or defective products: 

    Quality is essential for adidas padel. Before launching a product to the market, our quality department submits products to strict durability and quality tests in real-life conditions to ensure they are suitable to hold up under conditions it was designed for.


    It is extremely rare for our products to have any manufacturing defects.

    Our quality department will inspect returned products and if damage is due to manufacturing defect or if the product does not meet factory specifications, we will replace it with a new item. If the product has been discontinued, we will replace it with an item at the same price point as the original at no cost to the customer.


    If the problem is for reasons other than material quality, such as these issues:

    • If it was damaged by misuse or negligence (exposure to chemicals, corrosive substances, open flame source, excessive heat, sharp objects, etc.)
    • If it was damaged by improper use or while being used for other than its intended purpose
    • If it was not bought at allforpadel.be, allforpadel.nl or allforpadel.lu


    We will notify you of the denial by e-mail with an explanation and we will return your product if you sent it to us.

    The useful life of any adidas product depends on its usage, the conditions of usage, and wear patterns characteristic of the user. Damaged products will not be replaced for normal usage and wear or if the useful life of the product has been exceeded.

    The warranty will not cover products that show any sign of modification to their original form, color, or makeup.


    How to make a return:

    You can request a product return by filling out the contact form available on our online store at www.allforpadel.be/returns.

    The following information must be included in the return request:

    • Order number
    • Customer name (must match the name on the order)
    • Product(s) you wish to return
    • Reason for return


    Once the request is sent, we will contact you through e-mail to confirm its receipt and help you with instructions to complete the return. We will also include the packing slip for you to fill out and attach to the package for proper identification by our warehouse personnel.

    You will have up to 15 days from receiving the return request for us to receive the product to be returned. Items to be returned should be sent in their original packaging and with their original tags.

    In this case, we will deduct the amount of return expense from your purchase payment and refund the remaining amount.


    Payment of the remaining amount:

    The refund amount for returned items will always be made through the same method of payment used for the order.


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