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    What does the ideal padel warm up look like?

    14 February 2020

    Hi! I’m Sergio Muñoz, Olympic Athlete and also padel trainer and player.

    In this article I willl talk about the importance of a good warm up before you enter the padel court. A good warm up will lead to less injuries and a better performance without a doubt.

    Part 1 – ACTIVATION

    3 minutes jogging ‘to get your motor started’. This can be on a running track close to the club, or just in between the padel courts.


    In continuation we activate all joints by moving them without extra weights. The focus should be especially on the lower limbs, elbow, wrist and shoulders. 

    Part 3 – MOVEMENTS

    To finish off we make some short movements in all directions, preferably by simulating padel movements. During 4 minutes of these, the intensity can rise progressively. Make sure to do some sideways and backwards movements, short sprints and lunges.

    After this warm-up you’re physically ready to go on the court, do the specific padel warm-up with your opponent and enjoy your padel game! Padel is a very mental sport and an important factor is the self confidence. With physical readiness at the very start of the match, your performance will be very positively influenced. 

    I dare you to try it!


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