• It’s time to shine without being seen

    2 April 2020

    By now, everyone knows how important it is to stay at home and thereby protect yourself and others. The past few weeks we have been overwhelmed by online challenges and videos with people training in their garden.

    But who says we have to focus so hard on those padel achievements when you can do so many other heroic gestures indoors? Time to shine: in the kitchen, doing housekeeping, etc.

    Even though during this padel isolation you long so much for that field surrounded by glass and fencing, dare to replace your racket regularly with a nice attribute. Who knows, you might discover in yourself the new Jamie Oliver or Mr. Proper?

    Time is a funny thing, it never progresses at the pace we want. So now, more than ever, make use of it :)

    And don’t worry about padel, you won’t lose those padel skills in this short period of time and the courts will still be in the same place when all this is over! Our team will continue organizing testing days and tournaments with great enthusiasm.

    So keep up the good work. It is now – more than ever – time to work together as one team (by staying at home alone)!


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